Meet Zack & Krista

Zack and Krista moved to Anchorage In 2012 on an adventure they were planning to last "a year or two". While staying at the House of Jade they immediately fell in love with such a beautiful State and knew Alaska was where they wanted to spend their lives together. Unexpectedly, Zack and Krista became very close with the previous owners of the bed and breakfast and began operating the House of Jade that very next season, while Dee mentored the young couple and showed them the ropes. In 2013 Dee sold the bed and breakfast and entered into retirement after 27 years in the business. Having just married in January of 2014 the young newlyweds are now the proud owners of not only a beautiful home but successful business. The two will tell you they learned from the best. Just like Dee they give 150 percent and strive to be the best hosts one could ask for.

Zack and Krista, offer gracious hospitality, wonderful gourmet breakfasts and superior comfort. When home, Zack loves trying new recipes in the kitchen and is always looking to expand his culinary background. From baking to home brewing and wine making, you never know what tasty creations he’ll be working up! Krista has nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and is no stranger to the kitchen herself. Krista enjoys cooking and it seems her second nature is to entertain. You'll never know which one of them will be in their beautiful kitchen preparing a bountiful hot Alaskan style breakfast especially for you. You'll awake each morning to the aroma of gourmet French roast coffee and special home baked goodies from the oven.

Meet Dee

Although Dee has retired from the Bed and Breakfast fulltime, you can still see her at the House of Jade on any given day. Fortunate for us she has moved less than a mile from the Inn. And even though Dee isn’t cooking breakfast everyday anymore, she’s still been known to drop by the occasional rhubarb pie or blueberry cobbler to share with our guests! She has even been known to step in for a day or two if Zack and Krista have to be absent during the summer! After 27 years of hosting, guests are always in good hands with Dee.