Our Policies

Guests who book direct with us receive priority check-in based on availability, receive discounts if paying by cash/US check, tour discounts, and a more flexible cancelation.

Reservations: Reservations made directly through our online reservation are confirmed at the time of booking and must be made with a valid credit card and expiration beyond the reservation date (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). A confirmation email will be sent out once the innkeeper has reviewed the reservation details. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION OR EMAIL FROM THE B&B WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SUBMITTING A REQUEST CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! For most reservations no deposit is collected, however for those reservations with more than five room nights, a deposit may be collected and will be discussed prior to any charges.

Check In/Check Out: Check-ins begin at 4:00 PM and Check Out is at 11:00 AM. Please provide your estimated time of arrival prior to your check in date. If you have indicated a check in time earlier than 4:00 PM, an email or text will be sent indicating your rooms is ready. We may be unable to assist you if arriving prior to 4:00 PM as we are turning rooms over and preparing for the next set of guests.

Late Check-Ins: - Update Late/Self Check-Ins: A self-check in process may be followed under the following circumstances:

  • No check in time was coordinated. We make every attempt to greet guests personally between 4 PM- 8 PM, however if no check in time is provided the guest may have a self-check in process.
  • Check-in time on reservation was before 4 PM and a text/email is sent notifying you that your room is ready.
  • Arrival after 8:00 PM. We happily accommodate late check-ins. If your arrival time indicates checking in later than 8 PM, a self-check in letter will be emailed the morning of your arrival.

Parking: Parking is available in front of the house. Please park in front of the garages.Please do not park on the street.

Children:Unfortunately, our rooms are not suitable for children under the age of 6 years old. We do make certain exceptions if reserving the entire B&B.

Smoking: We are a NON-SMOKING B&B. A $250.00 cleaning fee will be applied to any guest smoking inside the property We ask that smokers use the designated smoking area at the front of the house. This area is provided where there are no guest windows above or below. We will provide you with an ashtray to use and please dispose of butts appropriately.

Visitors: Guests are more than welcome to have visitors at the House of Jade. Guest's may have overnight visitors for a $25 fee added to the reservation.

Cancellation Policy: We have a sliding minimum notice for canceling a reservation based on the number of room nights booked. Reservations canceled within the cancelation period will be charged the full rate. No charges will be applied to any rooms we are able to resell.

Consecutive Nights Reserved Minimum Notice
1 14 Days
2 21 Days
3+ 30 Days

Deposits: For reservations reserving more than 5 room nights, a deposit may be required.  Should a deposit be required you will be notified prior to confirming the reservation.

A cancellation that falls within the minimum notice period will result in a charge for the number of nights we are unable to fill. If cancelling outside of the minimum notice period no charges will occur.